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A combination of scientific forward thinking and unparalleled luxury makes GDC treatments stand out above the rest.

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  • Signature Therapy - Remodelling Cellu Plus

    A dynamic therapy that works from under the bust to the feet with an exceptional mix of lipolytic ingredients that deliver active products to the deepest layers of the skin. An enzymatic wrap works to break down fibres surrounding fatty deposits and increase circulation to assist in drainage of impurities. Followed by a remodelling massage with manual and gym inspired accessories to sculpt the silhouette working with an oil-booster. The perfect body enhancer! 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks included in the price. Booking well in advance is recommend to ensure two treatments per week.

  • Timexpert C+ Face and Body Envelopment

    An energising face and body treatment which commences with an enzyme exfoliation enriched with Vitamin C, lemon and papaya extract. A collagen boosting, vitamin enriched body wrap is then applied whilst you are treated with a deep cleansing purity facial, designed to remove dead skin, encourage cellular renewal.

  • Timexpert C+ Body Envelopment

    Loaded with pure Vitamin C, this treatment provides an extraordinary brightening, firming and protective effect on the body. Our exfoliating mouse is packed with orange peel and papaya to renew and nourish the skin. Our warm vitamin c wrap is then applied to help increase skin firmness and luminosity.

  • Active Detox Ritual – Full Body Therapy

    A truly active therapy to stimulate circulation and lipolysis to improve fluid retention and cellulite. Your treatment commences with a stimulating full body exfoliation preparing the skin for greater absorption of active ingredients. Followed by a dynamic massage with an algae infused cream to eliminate toxins. The prefect way to detox!

  • Calming Hand, Foot & Scalp Therapy

    This gentle touch therapy provides the hands, feet and scalp with intense nourishment and deep relaxation. After a gentle leg exfoliation, a cooling mask is applied to the feet. Hand and arms are then gently massaged with hydrating massage cream followed by a Baobab hair oil massage to soothe the scalp and help strength hair.

  • Warm candle Back massage

    A beautifully relaxing candle oil massage, enriched in Mandarin Butter and a high concentration of Vitamin A , this warming massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety and provide intense hydration.


We ensure that every one of our treatments includes relaxing protocols & beautiful rituals to provide a deep sense of relaxation and luxury with results that will please your mind and body.

World renowned treatments, that deliver both outstanding results and an exceptional experience

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What are the benefits to GDC body treatments?

  • Revitalises, renews and firms the body
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
  • Prevents & corrects effects of glycation
  • Smooths the appearance and helps treat the cause of cellulite  
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • A perfect skin prep for a special occasion or holiday
  • Skin renewal and refresh post holiday

What are the benefits of a GDC detox treatment?

  • Release Toxins and remove toxins via lymph drainage
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve heavy digestion
  • Improve headaches
  • Repair & Nourish the Skin
  • Protect the skin against premature ageing

What is the signature Body Remodelling Treatment?

A professional programme with powerful lipolytic draining, detoxifying, and remodelling ingredients that combines manual
massage technique with original accessories that intensify results and reaches the desired objective in just 2 sessions per week for
4 weeks.
Much more than an exfoliation, this powerful combination of Enzymatic powder and detoxifying gel, generates an increase and improvement of the
micro-circulation, thus favouring the drainage of stagnant fluids and helping to eliminate water, toxins and fats.

100% active formula made up of infused* oils including: Pomegranate, Green Coffee, Forest Fruits, Pepper, Centella asiatica, Birch, Hazelnuts, Apricot, Almonds.
The oil is used to carry out a remodelling massage from below the chest to the feet, using gym inspired tools. Energetic complementary actions to resculpt the silhouette,
relieve the dimpled appearance of the skin and firm the tissues.

Who is suitable for a GDC treatment

All of our products are safe and natural but unfortunalty some clients will be unsuitable. 
These body treatments are unsuitable during pregnancy and with some forms of cancer and medications. 
Please get in touch for more information or see our amazing iS clinical page for some advanced skin care treatments suitable for everyone!

Who are Germaine de Capuccini?

We are proud to introduce Germaine De Capuccini to Bute House Aesthetics. As a luxury global brand, Germaine De Capuccini is renowned for result-driven, innovative treatments and products that offer something truly unique.
As well as proving vegan-friendly, cellophane-free and microbead-free products, Germaine De Capuccini are a CO2 zero company, so you can be assured their luxury products care for the environment as well as your skin. 

Germaine de Capuccini has been  developing cutting-edge skin care  solutions for over fifty years. As one of the few professional skincare brands with in-house laboratories, their team of  scientists are dedicated to the highest  standards in skin care. 
Germaine de Capuccini promises to deliver market leading treatments  that treat specific skin concerns both immediately and long term. 

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