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Dermapen™ is the latest and most innovative form of skin needling used in clinics around the world . It is a medically engineered device that utilises 16 surgical grade micro needles which includes patented Anti-Contamination Management, to deliver effective skin needling. 

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  • BRAND NEW TREATMENT MENU FOR DERMAPEN - Now includes our MG glides!

  • Signature face

    Your Signature treatment starts with a full facial including double cleanse, microderm exfoliant and Vit C mask, followed by a skin type specific MG glide from our new collection! PLUS Uber peel Pro comes as standard. Target the following skin conditions: Ageing, Malasma, Pigmentation, Acne, Acne scarring

  • Signature face course

    A course of three treatments to dramatically improve your skin over a course of 3 months. Complimentary aftercare kit worth up to £260 recommended as a non negotiable in this treatment process.

  • Signature Luxury

    Choose this treatment for the complete choice for your skin care needs. Start with a HydraFacial which includes lymphatic drainage and extraction of dead skin and blocked pores. Followed by our Signature Dermapen treatment with MG glide, Uber peel and finished with LED light therapy.

  • Signature Luxury course of 3

    The maximum benefit with this course of three tailored treatments. Includes complimentary home kit for continuity in between treatments.

  • Exo-Skin face

    Harnessing the power of Exosomes, EXO-SKIN maximises the potential of skin regeneration. The multi-potent properties are a game-changer for skin renewal healing and rejuvenation. Clinically shown to improve a wide range of skin concerns including, Ageing, Rosacea, Alopecia.

  • Exo-Skin course

    We recommend starting with a course to ensure maximum benefits. To experience the benefits of this treatment use the EXO-SKIN at home product twice daily as part of your skincare routine—and get ready for skin rejuvenation on a whole new level! Complimentary EXO-SKIN full size product when you purchase this course.

  • Dermapen body

    From £200

Dermapen 4 glides over the skin creating millions of fine, vertical fractional channels up to 104% faster than other microneedling pens. These channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients deeper into the skin.

Introducing Dermapen 4™ Exosomes: the extraordinary regenerative force in skin rejuvenation

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The benefits are limitless

Dermapen treats concerns without surgery, toxins or injections. This includes treating acne, acne scaring, scars, rosacea, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and alopecia. Suitable for ALL skin types. 

Why Dermapen?

Dermapen 4 holds a CE mark approval. The CE marking means that Dermapen 4 meets the essential requirements of all relevant European Medical Device Directives. The Directives outline the safety and performance requirements for medical devices in the European Union (EU). The CE mark is a legal requirement to place a device on the market in the EU. The CE marking is also applied for the Dermapen 4 needles.
Dermapen 4 also holds the ISO13485 certificate.

Dermapen stimulates collagen induction by harnessing the body’s natural  ability to re-grow and repair the skin as a response to trauma. This small, hand-held device delivers up to 2200 vertical micro punctures per second into the skin, thus stimulating the production of collagen and elastin while encouraging the normalizing of skin functions.

  • Scarring- Dermapen 4 is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of all scar types including acne scarring.

  • Acne- Dermapen Treatments visibly improve the appearance of problematic skin breakouts and black or whiteheads (comedones) and active acne.

  • Enlarged Pores- Microneedling with Dermapen stimulates the skin to produce new collagen, plumping up and tightening the appearance of the enlarged pores.

  • Pigmentation- Unlike some laser treatments, Dermapen microneedling removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, while promoting optimised cell function.

How does Dermapen work?

Unlike injectable treatments, Dermapen microneedling is an entirely natural process that stimulates the body’s own repair and renewal process to create collagen. Micro-fine needles are adjusted to different depths and speeds to create fractional puncture channels on the surface of the skin. These micro-channels carry your meso-glide (a serum that’s chosen to help correct your specific skin concern) deep into the skin, increasing its effectiveness and delivering healing nutrients.

Facial needling with Dermapen helps get rid of unwanted lines and wrinkles and other blemishes, but you can also treat different parts of your body. Hands, neck and décolleté are all popular zones, but you can treat anywhere you feel needs a boost of collagen to repair thinning, sagging, sun-damaged or problematic skin.  

The micro-injuries caused by the treatment stimulate the production of collagen as your skin heals. Acne, trauma, pigmentation and a range of other ailments can cause blemishes on your skin. Ageing causes your skin to thin, sag and wrinkle.  
Dermapen microneedling simply activates the skin’s natural self-rejuvenating function. A new layer of fresh tissue forms, creating a more youthful appearance on the surface and fighting antibodies underneath. 
These small punctures also allow active ingredients in topical creams to penetrate deeper for intense rejuvenation. 

Does it hurt?

The treatment is generally well tolerated with no need for any local anaesthetic to be applied. 
After treatment you may feel a slight discomfort such as tightening, your therapist will fully explain the aftercare to you during consultation.  

What conditions can be treated?

Aging skin
Skin rejuvenation, collagen stimulation
Lines and wrinkles
Sun damage
Scarring, acne scars and stretch marks
Hair regeneration
Enlarged pores
Spider veins

What are Meso-Glide (MG) serums?

These ground-breaking Meso-Glide (MG) serums help the Dermapen 4 device glide across the skin while needling in targeted active ingredients for the very best results.
Exclusively developed for professionals, MG-Collection™ represents a breakthrough in skin technology.

Intensely hydrates skin and helps improve the visible effects of ageing. Contains HylaFuse at an unprecedented strength of Hyaluronic Acid (35 mg/ml), as well as the Calphasomes delivery system for greater absorption. Featuring the revolutionary Telomeres technology, the inclusion of Geranylgeranylisopropanol (GGP) helps prolong the life of a cell to reduce the visible effects of ageing.

This Reverse Ageing & Scars (R.A.S.) formula contains a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanical extracts renowned for their anti-ageing effects. MG-R.A.S.™ contains Retinaldehyde, which is considered the most active form of retinoid (Vitamin A) without a prescription.

MG-BL™ can help reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation such as age spots, sunspots, melasma and dark pigmentation associated with certain scars. HylaFuse technology delivers hydration along with natural skin brighteners and tyrosinase inhibitors that help slow the production of melanin.

Antimicrobial peptides and bio-compatible extracts combine to help clear problematic breakouts and enhance the visible complexion of skin troubled by acne, blackheads/comedones or open pores and oily skin.

Boost natural cellular repair signals for younger-looking skin. The regenerative capabilities of Exosomes accelerate microneedling results to help improve the appearance of many skin concerns, including sun damage, ageing, rosacea, and pigmentation. Contains dual delivery mechanisms HylaFuse Complex and Calphasomes. 

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are tiny, bubble-like structures produced by cells. Think of them as cellular messengers or cargo carriers. When cells communicate with each other, they release exosomes containing various molecules such as proteins, RNA, and lipids. These exosomes travel through bodily fluids, delivering important information and participating in processes like tissue repair and immune response.
They have huge skin benefits and its the most exiting product in skincare at this time, for these reasons:

  1. Skin Regeneration: Exosomes contain growth factors, proteins, and lipids that promote tissue repair and regeneration. When applied to the skin, they can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, giving your skin a more youthful appearance.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Exosomes have anti-inflammatory effects, which can help calm irritated or inflamed skin. They modulate the immune response and promote healing.
  3. Collagen Production: Exosomes stimulate collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity and firmness. Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy, plump skin.
  4. Hydration: Exosomes enhance skin hydration by promoting water retention and preventing moisture loss. This can lead to softer, smoother skin.
  5. Cell Communication: Exosomes act as messengers between cells, facilitating communication. By delivering important signals, they help maintain overall skin health.

Microneedling alone stimulates the skin’s natural healing process to produce amazing rejuvenation results. The micro-injuries signal the skin to go into repair mode. With the addition of Dp Dermaceuticals’ potent serum containing the power of Exosomes, treatments are elevated beyond skin rejuvenation to regeneration.

 The Exosomes in Dp Dermaceuticals are ethically harvested. They are extracted and synthetically processed in a laboratory to strict protocols without any dilemmas or risk of corruption or cell mutation.

Why add on ÜBER PEEL PRO?

ÜBER PRO contains a specific blend of treatment actives to increase cellular turnover while addressing the signs of ageing, dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne. Suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, anti-ageing and problematic skin and safe to use on any skin colour.
This brightening chemical face peel performed immediately after a Dermapen microneedling treatment is a great way to give your skin an overall rejuvenation and brighten your complexion. The Uber Pro Peel is applied to skin immediately after a microneedling treatment while the skin channels are open which allows the ingredients of the Uber Pro Peel to penetrate deep into the skin to maximise their effect.

How do I treat pigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs when excess melanin (skin pigment) has been stimulated and deposited unevenly. Dermapen Treatments are highly effective for treating unwanted pigmentation. The treatment is for all skin shades, but is a particularly advantageous solution for dark skin tones, where laser treatments may not be the safest option due to further pigmentation risks. As melanocytes (pigment producing cells) are directly targeted, a repair and corrective process encourages even skin tone for a smooth and radiant appearance. Course of three treatments, one treatment every 4 weeks.

How do I treat my Acne skin?

Problematic skin is often the result of overly active oil (sebaceous) glands and imbalanced hormones. The excess oil gets trapped in your pores along with dead skin cells and debris, which can lead to painful inflammation and leave your skin prone to other bacteria proliferation. Combining clinical Dermapen micro-needling procedures with an at-home routine of targeted skincare products helps you achieve the clear, glowing complexion you deserve. Course of three treatments, one treatment every 4 weeks.

How do I treat Acne scarring?

Acne scars are created by the wound healing process occurring after the acute process of inflammation, follicular rupture and perifollicular abscess formation.
Dermapen microneedling for acne scars is a well established treatment, it uses tiny needles to gently puncture the skin, causing a series of traumatic punctures. The skin responds to this by naturally producing collagen and elastin to repair itself. This collagen and elastin works to create new smooth skin, plumping out the pitted indentations caused by acne scars.

How Does RF Micro-Needling Work?

Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment that has been used for decades to rejuvenate the skin. The Dermapen creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin.
RF micro-needling adds the element of radiofrequency energy to the traditional micro-needling procedure.
RF energy heats the underlying layers of skin, causing constriction and tightening of the skin, as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Because the RF energy is delivered so deeply, it can produce faster results that are more dramatic than RF or Micro-needling alone. 
Result- instant glowing & plumped skin plus long-term collagen creation. 

Why should I consider adding a skin peel?

Chemical skin peels can dramatically enhance the outcome of many skin concerns, adding a peel to your Dermapen session will have the added benefit of more efficient penetration to the skin layers but having a course of peels with homecare instructions can have outstanding solutions to your skin complaint.


• Mandelic Acid- Collagen rebuilder - targets ageing hyperpigmentation, acne, oil control

• Salicylic- Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action - regulates sebum secretion and reduces oiliness.

• Lactic Acid- Skin lightener and hydrator - exfoliating and anti-ageing agent

• Resorcinol- Keratolytic agent - targets scars, acne, problematic skin

• Hyaluronic Acid- Superior hydration and penetration

• Pyruvic Acid- Antioxidant and cell repair - also good for skin lightening

• Kojic Acid- Tyrosinase inhibitor - ideal against uneven tone or hyperpigmentation

• Retinaldehyde- Collagen rebuilder - powerful anti-wrinkle and acne revision

• Ferulic Acid- High potent antioxidant - ideal against uneven tone or hyperpigmentation

• Arbutin- Tyrosinase inhibitor - ideal against uneven tone or hyperpigmentation

• Copper Peptides- Minerals and healing, collagen rebuilder

• Dimethyl Isosorbide- Penetration enhancer

• Niacinamide- Promotes fibroblast proliferation, blood circulation, oxygen to the surface of the skin and increasing tissue repair.


How can Dermapen improve hair thinning?

Dermapen Treatments for hair loss are effective for alopecia conditions where the hair follicle still exists to grow hair. Dermapen procedures stimulate angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) nourishing the bulb of each hair, delivering hormones to activate and sustain healthy hair growth.

Combined with our HydraFacial Keravive to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the scalp and hair follicles. The treatment removes dirt, oil, flakes, dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the scalp and from hair follicles and stimulates scalp circulation. Keravive infuses the scalp with growth factors and skin proteins designed to nourish and stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.
The Hydrafacial Keravive take home Peptide Complex spray, exfoliates your scalp and nourishes your hair follicles with growth factors and skin proteins to promote a healthy scalp and healthier, fuller-looking hair.

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