Instant Fat reduction using 3D-Lipo Cavitation, Ultrasound waves

Body contouring

3D-ultimate Cavitation is a non-surgical treatment which is why it’s a great option and very popular with our clients, as well as being painless and seeing almost instant results with zero recovery time. If you’re looking to reduce inches and reshape your body to feel confident, this is a great method for you. 
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  • Cavitation- Instant fat reduction

    Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells, overall body circumference will decrease after session. Measurements and photos taken to log your treatment progress over the course of 8 weeks. 1 session per week each lasting 40-60 minutes

  • Curve Control Bespoke package

    Sculpt & Shape your natural curves with a bespoke package designed for you during a consultation with your therapist. Course of 8 weekly sessions using Cavitation PLUS Body HIFU, Shockwave & RF worth up to £1580. Includes two maintainace sessions to be taken every 8 weeks on completion of course.

  • Bute House Signature Body Maintenance Treatment Package

    Middle age spread can creep up on us all, so we have designed a package to treat the most common problems: Increased fat on the Abdomen & Hips and loose Skin. Your package will include: Cryofreeze on Tummy or Hips, 8 weekly sessions of Cavitation on the Abdomen & Hips, plus RF Skin tightening. Followed by 10 monthly top up sessions worth a total of £1750

  • "Mum Tum" Bespoke package

    Reduce fat, diminish stretch marks and tighten loose Skin. During a detailed consultation your therapist will design a Bespoke treatment plan using a combination of Shockwave & RF Worth up to £1280

  • Male body contouring Bespoke package

    Package includes: 8 weekly sessions of Cavitation, instant fat reduction on the Abdomen & Hips Plus one of the following technologies chosen by your therapist: Cryolypolysis- Fat freeze (pockets fat) HIFU- High intensity focus ultrasound (deeper fat pockets) Shockwave- Breaks down fat & smooths Skin. Worth up to £1500 when booked separately

  • Inner Thigh gap

    An instant solution to that annoying summer chafing, we use Cavitation to instantly reduce fat. During a trial last year we had fantastic results with this treatment! Course of eight 20 minute weekly sessions. *This treatment can also be used to treat outer Thigh.

  • Arms

    Reduce fat on the arms with a course of eight 20 min weekly sessions. For skin tightening please see our RF skin tightening page.


Fat reduction

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Target and destroy fat at a deeper level, ideal for larger areas of fat reduction.

This is non-surgical which is why it’s a great option and very popular with our clients, as well as being painless and seeing almost instant results with zero recovery time. If you’re looking to reduce inches and reshape your body to feel confident, this is a great method for you. 

You will be able to see and feel a difference from the first session, measurements & pictures will be taken to track your progress. However, be mindful that you will not see overnight results and results may vary depending on health history and body type. 

How does Cavitation work?

Cavitation uses an ultrasound wave to disrupt the membrane of the fat cell. The ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat layer, the cells become fragile with this vibration and will start to break down. The broken-down cells are then passed through the liver and kidney and excreted through the urine, completely disposing of the fat cell.
Visible results can be seen after just one treatment session and will continue to work over the course of 8 weeks.


  • - Cost-effective alternative to surgery 
  • - Allows you to contour your body 
  • - Pain-free with zero downtime 
  • - Target specific areas 
  • - Noticeable results, seen instantly
  • - Ideal for larger areas such as Abdomen & Hips  

What are the benefits to adding Celltense™ to my treatment?

Aesthetic Award Finalist 2019 – Product Innovation of the Year To be used exclusively by aesthetic practitioners

Clinically proven results from a 6 week/6 treatment long clinical trial using RF and Celltense on one thigh and a placebo hyaluronic acid serum + RF on the other.
17% Increase in Dermis Density, 18.1% Cellulite Reduction. 
Creating firmer skin and therefore a stronger barrier to resist fat pods that cause cellulite.

What is Celltense™

Clinically proven body serum to aid the removal of cellulite and tighten Skin.
Through a decade of medical research, Endor Technologies successfully formulated the patented active ingredient, nano gold technology (INCI gold thioethylamino hyaluronic acid (nano)), in order to create the Endor Technologies skincare range, with clinical results for wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, inch loss and skin tightening. Once applied to the skin, the nano gold technology has revolutionary effects, activating the skin’s cell receptors which increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, healthier skin. When used with aesthetic treatments that use heat and/or a frequency, this excites the nano gold particles allowing it to work on a much faster, more effective basis by activating more cell receptors at one time. All products are clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

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